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Genuine Porsche Dashcam

The Porsche dashcam is ideal for making video recordings of driving situations. The camera is operated with the associated app, in which all settings can be made. Recorded videos are stored on the supplied SD card and previous recordings are overwritten. If the dashcam detects a shake/vibration or if the radar sensor is triggered, the recorded video is stored separately and not overwritten. Recordings can be downloaded directly from the SD card or via the app.

- Recording of videos in QHD
- Audio recording (can be deactivated)
- GPS sensor
- Radar sensor for video recording when an object is approaching the vehicle
- Vibration sensor
- Lens with polarization filter to reduce reflections and improve colours and contrasts
- Bracket for the windscreen for fixed mounting on the vehicle

"Driving" operating mode:
The Porsche dashcam is ready for use when the engine is started. If a shock occurs, the 10 seconds before the event and the time after the event are stored. The vibration sensor for driving shots on the race track can be deactivated by selecting the "Continuous" setting in the app.

Genuine Porsche Dashcam 9Y0044930A

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