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Porsche Classic tool bag; suitable for all Porsche 911 G from model years 1983 to 1989. Contents: 5x double open-ended spanners (one each 8x9, 10x11, 12x13, 14x15 and 17x19), 1x wheel nut spanner, 1x special spanner size 24, 1x holding tool for V-belt pulley, 1x combination pliers, 1x V-belt, 1x towing lug, 1x hand crank, 1x Phillips screwdriver, 1x flat-head screwdriver, 1x spark plug spanner, 1x spark plug ratchet spanner, 1x special hexagon spanner, 1x test lamp, 1x flat crank attachment, 1x hexagon crank attachment, 5x fuses, 1x cleaning cloth.
Porsche Classic has also developed a new tool bag for the Porsche 911 G models from model years 1983 to 1989. The impressive design offers a successful combination of leather and black-and-white pinstriped velour. In the 1980s, this design was a very popular choice. All metal parts have been kept in matt black, making them reminiscent of the exterior decorative elements of the late 911 G models.
In addition to the tools that can also be found in the 911 bag for model years 1974 to 1982, there are also additional tools for emergency operation in the event of a faulty sliding roof motor or window regulator motor. In contrast to the bags for the early G models, this bag has a towing lug with a screw thread.

Porsche Classic 911 G (1983 to 1989) tool bag

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